Greg Comley

Greg is the proud owner of AWL General Contracting. Greg is a master in building repair and there is nothing in the industry that he can’t work with. He loves making his clients' lives easier and less stressful through the work that AWL produces.

Favourite work: Troubleshooting and completing projects thought to be too difficult.

Ben Comley

Benjamin is hard at work toward becoming the next owner of his parents business. Not only does he work with the AWL but he is also on his way to completing his high school diploma and achieving his first year apprenticeship.


Favourite work: Demolition, commercial or residential, laying tile and putting up back splashes.

Lee Gale

With over 19 years experience in the industry as a general carpenter, Lee is the newest addition AWL.


Favorite work:  Anything that is thrown at him and he likes a good challenge.

Matthew Venturelli

Matthew is a dependable 20 year old who started working for AWL approximately a year ago. He is working toward his first year of apprenticeship in general carpentry.


Favourite work: Anything with wood work - framing a wall to putting up casing,  baseboards, window trim

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Liam Obrien

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Michelle Comley

Michelle has been alongside her husband Greg for the past 19 years building AWL General Contracting into the respected company it is today. Michelle’s area of expertise is in the office and she has no hesitation picking up tools and helping out when needed.


Favourite work: Achieving the goals that her and Greg have set

Tracy DiCecca

Tracy has been working in the heart of AWL’s office for the past two and a half years. Tracy is crucial to our team's functionality in her role as our office manager and project scheduler. 

Favourite work: Coming to work - she loves her co-workers.

Darryl Wira

Darryl is a dedicated 19 year old that has worked with AWL for three years. He is well on his way to finishing his first year apprenticeship for general carpentry.


Favourite work: Millwork - window and door casings, baseboards and trim.

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